"I learnt all about life with a ball at my feet"- Ronaldinho Gaucho

PSA: Nier:Replicant comes out on April 23rd!

My work-life balance mostly constitutes playing video games. As a result, I tend to invest a lot more time than most people. If I enjoy a game, I tend to complete it, farming achievements and easter eggs. In the case of Hollow Knight, I have also attempted speedrunning the game. You can find the leaderboard for the run I submitted here under the 'Current Patch NMG'. I go by the name 5udh33r on that website.

I also used to play DotA 2 with over 3500 hours in that game. I have completed Bastion, Nihilumbra, Celeste, Hollow Knight, Life is Strange and Oxenfree. I have also played tons of other games (Transistor, Hades, Vermintide 2, Nier:Automata) to lesser completion. I'm not a serious Smash player, but I main Puff (Go Hbox!). I have a Chess.com account where I am usually rated around 1200.

I think of video games as art. Art that lets you experience the human conditions with actions. The feeling of control that games provide help me immerse myself into the narrative in ways books and movies have failed to capture. They also provide a platform for me to understand my motivations and overcome challenges. I, thus, have an almost spiritual relationship with them.